The Power of Connection

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Commentary, Digital Strategy, Marketing

There’s no way around it: We live in a digital age. Whether you’re consuming information, producing content, or both, technological advances and trends have provided more communications and marketing options — and perhaps, confusion — than ever before. Everything is at our fingertips in a variety of styles, mediums, and speeds, which begs this question: How should businesses best adapt their own messages and marketing strategies to survive and thrive in a marketplace constantly in flux?

As our team finds, human connection still works wonders for creating genuine relationships and optimizing outreach to potential and current audiences of consumers. Direct communication maximizes opportunities for companies to listen to their clients, gaining valuable insight and ideas, while also building authenticity and trust that may seal the deal on consumers’ loyalty and patronage to a specific brand, product, or service.

In other words, despite (or because of) the proliferation of automation, digitization, and relentless technological innovation, human connection allows companies to formulate, clarify, and broadcast marketing objectives that differentiate their capabilities and services from competitors.

Here at Marshall Fenn, we’re in the business of capitalizing upon connection to bolster our clients’ communications competencies. With the creative know-how that our team members have under their belts, ranging from experience in digital marketing, advertising, and social media to UI/UX and web development or design, Marshall Fenn knows exactly how, when, and where to execute the campaigns that our clients have in mind. We build off the connection that our partners have made with their customers and combine our expertise to ensure maximum growth, success, and results for our partners, no matter their size or industry.

“Marshall Fenn customizes their approach, taking time to learn about the client’s business. Their experience, professionalism, and reasonable costs made them a long-term business partner,” praised Jodi Marrin, the Director of Marketing at Bayshore Healthcare. “We’ve noticed a rise in conversions through our digital media and digital advertising as well as an increase in awareness through our social media. We’ve tried some new things, such as video ads on Facebook, which are starting to drive positive results. They’ve been amazing, keeping us on our toes … They’ve been doing this type of work for a long time and bring a lot to the table.”

“In a sense, they increased our ‘likeability.’ One specific campaign saw a 20% lift in site traffic. Having experimented with several TV efforts, their endeavor showed the decidedly strongest results. Ultimately, they helped us gain traction and exposure,” emphasized Mark Daprato, the former CMO at “Marshall Fenn Communications did a terrific job, and pushed their creative team to go places outside my comfort zone. That’s how I knew we were in the right place. The team showed dogged determination, and I felt like we were in it together. Using all their resources and capabilities, they performed the best work possible. They delivered exactly what I asked for, if not an even better result.”

If you want to make a difference in the marketing and communications results that your business puts forth to both present and potential audiences, Marshall Fenn is your go-to team to make your ideal success a reality. We channel the powers of connection and creativity to ensure that our resulting messages, solutions, and strategies embody what your business stands for, and we look forward to continuing our legacy of collaboration and success with our clients.