Social Media = Customer Service

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Digital Strategy, Social Media

In an age where the barrier between brands and customers has shrunk considerably, it is important to examine why brands should view social media as an extension of their customer service arena.

We live in an age where Twitter and Facebook have displaced 1-800 customer service lines. When customers have questions, inquires or complaints, they have come to expect responses in a timely manner. To avoid the pitfall of negative reviews and potentially losing a customer, brands must be able to have the resources in place to interact, engage and provide superb customer service in real time on social media. The reality is that social media provides easy access to brands, and if a company is looking to retain customers (while also acquiring new ones), proper etiquette, timely responses and exceptional customer service are key. Engaged social media users not only share great content, they also share experiences. In order to assist in creating and fostering an emotional connection with their fan base, brands cannot view social media as a fad or craze – it is here to stay, and must be an important piece of any brand’s social strategy to retain and grow their customer base.

By treating digital strategy as an extension of customer service, brands not only are able to keep their customers up to date, but also have the ability to build trust, stay relevant, and to be there for their fans and followers. It is extremely important for brands to always be mindful of the tone when replying to inquiries, comments and questions from customers. Automatic or canned responses do not fly and people can spot them a mile away. While it may become time-consuming, it is important to take the time to craft a personal response; it helps form a connection with your audience and gives the impression that an actual person is on the other end who empathizes with their situation.

Many brands simply post content and ignore tweets and Facebook comments, which creates a barrier between the brand and customer. It is vitally important to engage with customers or else the brand is missing out, because eventually another brand will pay attention, will provide a response, and will make that all important emotional connection.

How does your company provide social media customer service?