Usability Testing and Ethnographic Research

The current citizen services section of the ServiceOntario website allows users to conduct both common and uncommon (infrequent) transactions such as renewing their driver’s license, plate sticker, health card, birth certificate, death certificate or obtain a marriage license.

Help ServiceOntario formulate a 3-year plan to rethink and redesign how citizen services are delivered online, and encourage Ontarians to complete more transactions online rather than in person.

Our research showed that Ontarians were not comfortable making online transactions with the Ontario Government due to limited accessibility, and a sub-par user experience as result of outdated content and poor site functionality.

In order to create a new and improved digital user experience, Marshall-Fenn recommended conducting both qualitative audience research activities and quantitative research to assist in the development of customer profiles and the identification of key information that would lead to a new information architecture and web design. This included:

  • Ethnographic research and user interviews were conducted to formulate qualitative user personas.
  • Quantitative survey research was included to support user interview and qualitative findings

Based on the output from the ethnographic research and persona development, Marshall Fenn developed a new information architecture, wireframes and storyboards for the new citizen services section of the ServiceOntario website. The updated site  launched in late 2015.