ROCK N’ Stroll

Rock n’ Stroll is a fundraising walk that supports high-risk births at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Marshall Fenn was asked to help create and launch this very special event.

The walk and run space in Toronto is very crowded. With over 70 major events a year, it’s not easy to stand out. We needed to create a brand personality that would connect with our audience, reflect the unique and fun nature of the event and get noticed so we could drive registration.

We started by creating a visual identity for Rock nʼ Stroll that married visuals from different worlds (babies and rock) to create a strong, iconic symbol. Then we got to work on a campaign to drive awareness and registration that took the rock attitude and tone even further.

Primarily out-of-home, the campaign featured photos of really cute babies made up to look like iconic rock stars known for their signature look. Once each musician (including David Bowie, Elton John, Slash and members of Kiss) gave us permission to use their likeness, we were ready to rock.

Rock n’ Stroll turned out to be a hit with clients and parents alike. The event drew nearly double the expected dollars raised and we strengthened the bond between Mount Sinai Hospital and the community.Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were so excited about it, they dropped by the hospital to scare some babies (truth).