When launching a new brand in unfamiliar territory, you want to make sure you get the introduction right. So Miami Valley Gaming asked us to launch their new property in Ohio.

We did our research and found that Ohio is the Buckeye state for a reason: They love their Buckeyes. Lucky for us, the Buckeye is also considered a lucky charm when you put it in your pocket. Not a bad coincidence when your client is a casino.

The story practically writes itself (not really). The campaign launched two companies: Miami Valley Gaming and Lucky Buckeye Co (LBC) – Basically two guys making sure your buckeyes are 100% lucky. Since launch, we’ve moved the LBC characters to the gaming floor and have added new personas and employees to the mix.

The campaign, currently in it’s fifth cycle, has truly become it’s own franchise. The characters regularly appear on the gaming floor. They are a key part of the ongoing social and recruiting strategy and most importantly, they’ve helped MVG surpass sales projections every year. In fact, the campaign took down a Cassie award in 2016 for Canadian success on a Global Stage.