Miami Valley Gaming Gets Lucky

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Branding, Marketing

When launching a new brand in unfamiliar territory, you want to make sure you get the introduction right. So Miami Valley Gaming picked us to launch their new property in Ohio.

We did our research and found that Ohio is the Buckeye state for a reason: They love their Buckeyes. Lucky for us, the Buckeye is also considered a lucky charm. (Not a bad coincidence when your client is a casino.)

So we launched not one but two companies: Miami Valley Gaming and The Lucky Buckeye Co. – two guys making sure your buckeyes are 100% lucky.

A TV campaign and a series of vignettes for social helped this new brand fit right.

So much so, the Buckeye State actually ran out of Buckeyes. True story.

This campaign has also been nominated for a Cassies award in 2015.

(*spit-shines buckeye)