Commentary: Everything You Need to Know About the Millennial Consumer

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Branding, Digital Strategy, Marketing, Social Media

AdWeek recently posted a piece entitled “Here Is Everything You Need to Know About the Millennial Consumer” which discusses how the generation born between 1981 and 2000 is a highly appealing demographic to marketers. The interesting take-away from this article is the suggestion that Millennials are not only early adopters of tech, but also a generation who relies heavily on it. Whether they are using their smartphone, laptop, tablet or watching TV (while using any of the aforementioned devices), this is a generation who is constantly plugged in. As such, it is crucial for marketers to focus their efforts on mobile advertising.

What I found particularly interesting about this article is the amount of times per day millennials check their smartphones – 43 times.  43 times. I had to write it twice because it is quite a large number. Keep in mind, this figure is the “average” amount of times. I am outside the millennial demographic and know that I probably check my phone somewhere close to that figure. So, as someone who makes his living working in advertising and marketing, what does this tell me? Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. Put ads where eyeballs are. Put ads where your audience is consuming content. More importantly, provide great content for this demographic that is clearly spending a lot of time staring at their mobile devices.

AdWeek’s article intimates that millennials prefer to browse on their mobile devices, with 52% using their smartphones and 61% using their tablets. Stop and think about those numbers for a moment. This is a massive audience consuming content that is on the go, checking their devices 43 times per day. It has the potential to be a marketers dream. Moreover, the article also mentions that 90% of millennials can be found on Facebook with 42% logging on the site daily. These are numbers marketers cannot ignore.

I wholly enjoyed this article because as someone who is also fully immersed in my smartphone and laptop, I can only imagine the amount of content this demographic is consuming when compared to my own habits.

Go where the eyeballs are. Give them great content. Keep your brand message consistent across all platforms and create new audiences and brand ambassadors. If millennials are this engaged, how will the following generation be?