We’re an extremely collaborative group dedicated whole-heartedly
to giving our clients our very best. We work hard and play nice.

Rebecca M. Williams

Social Media Coordinator

Rebecca is an American transplant who comes from a background in journalism, and prides herself in keeping her finger on the pulse of current events and social trends. She is a deeply observant person whose elevated communication skills and curious attitude help her conduct über-effective social media campaigns.

Content is king.

Kristin Dodd

Account Executive

Kristin kicked off her career at SUBWAY Canada, where she managed & strategized marketing & advertising for the entire Ottawa region. Next, she took to the Toronto streets, expanding her journey in account management to a number of projects & brands, such as DuPont Pioneer, Global Affairs Canada, and Canadian Tire. She enjoys building client relationships and developing efficient & effective strategies for her clients at Marshall Fenn.

Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

Napoleon Hill

Alek von Felkerzam

Senior Art Director

Alek established himself as a multi-disciplined hybrid creative. His body of work has been recognized at both, national and international levels… and even featured in the New York Times (bragging rights). Disruption and relevance is what he lives by. A traditional Art Director with an innovative touch.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in.

My father, Antoni

Emily Poon

Account Executive

Emily has experience on the client side in marketing and sales. She has had no internet at home for the past four years, but knows what memes and hashtags are.

To understand anything is to understand everything.

Katelyn Kendrick

Account Manager

Katelyn is a well-rounded Account Manager who had her start in the music industry. Since then she has had the privilege of working with a variety of high profile clients such as Mt. Sinai Hospital and Waddington's auction house. She’s always up for a challenge and loves to strategize.

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions"

Albert Einstein

Michelle Sinclair

Account Manager

Michelle(Mitch) has 20+ years of experience in Client Services & Print/Project Management. She has worked on accounts such as Toyota, OLG, BMO, CN Tower, Harley-Davidson, NSLC, Heritage Gas, NS Tourism.

"I would rather savour but a sip of honour, than have my fill of compromise."

David Goodman

Senior Digital Project Manager

Dave has spent over 15 years working as a digital professional and has a vast knowledge of all facets of digital & creative development. Dave has worked with many clients, including Bausch and Lomb, Campbell’s, Canon, High Liner, Kraft, Magna, Maple Leaf, McCain, Nestlé and P&G.

"It is my sincerely held belief that truly fiery hot sauce should be recognized as an essential food group."

Simone Quartarone

Media Buyer/Planner

Simone started in the industry on the agency side planning and buying media for Dell, Big Brothers, Bell and Lavalife business.  She then decided to try media sales and sold TV airtime for Ontario and BC Tourism,  Unilock, Fallsview Casino and Ashley Madison to name a few.

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it”.

Ryan Franklin

Sr. Graphic Designer

Ryan has been attending the church of Pantone for over a decade. He and Annie run a tight ship in the studio. Like Batman and Robin, Bonny & Clyde, Ben & Jerry?

"Work hard and enjoy life – not necessarily in that order."

Hellen Hassler

Project Manager

No project Hellen has ever touched has been left with a loose end. She pulls everything together, like glue. In fact, if you saw a bottle of glue labelled project management Hellen would probably be trapped inside.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can't – you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Sarah Page

Account Manager

When the internet arrived, Sarah threw away all things analog and has been handling our clients digital space for what seems like a long time. When she does go outside the interweb she likes to watch birds.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

Oscar Wilde

Annie Manalo

Sr. Graphic Designer

Annie has been working with Ryan for close to 10 years. They have developed a certain, je ne sais quoi - sometimes they speak in cropmarks.

"If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room."

Steve Hopkins

Procurement Specialist

Steve has spent many decades with many clients. He is the lifeline of the print department. He sets up the jobs, he determines the specs, and he smiles a lot - which is nice.

"Is it in the best interests of the children?"

Rizwan Siddiqui


Rizwan has been our comptroller for over 14 years. He keeps track of our finances and our people.

"It takes many small steps to create big change."

Galina Zaichik

Accounts Payable

Galina has been crunching advertising numbers for over 16 years. The last eight at Marshall Fenn.

“It’s during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

Aristotle Onassis

Monika Capriotti

Senior Interactive Art Director

As our senior art director, Monika’s vision is at the heart of all things digital. Her ideas are always fresh - even after 14 years in the business. She doesn’t envision, she delivers-over and over again, building a strong relationship with peers and clients alike.

“Sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary simply by doing them with the right people.”

Elizabeth Green

Lindsay McLeod

Director, Digital Strategy

Lindsay provides critical thinking, insight mining and user experience expertise at Marshall Fenn. She looks to push the digital boundaries, finding new ways of rolling out solutions that support our digital customer journey.

If you don't consider the user, they won't consider using it.

Daniel Picard

Print & New Media Designer

Ask Dan about any client we’ve ever had - he’s been with us for 17 years and he’s touched every single one of them. Not literally, digitally... In fact, he’s so good at his job we let him work from Ottawa.

"Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional."

Steve Goodfellow

Graphic Designer

Steve thinks he’s been working at Marshall Fenn for eight years. He thinks…

“I never expected so many cats.”

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the Internet.

Marty Percival

Production/Studio Director

After 20 years in the business Marty has not lost her passion for making great creative ideas come to life, no matter how unusual! Her patience and sense of humour have allowed her and her team to stay focused and maintain their sanity in a crazy business. Deadlines met, miracles arranged.


Jean Luc Picard

Mike Vinakmens (the s is not silent)

Co-Creative Director

To the untrained eye, Mike took a seemingly random, six-year career run as an account manager before making the switch to copywriting. Turns out, his ability to think both strategically and conceptually has led to some pretty good ideas. Weird.

"Do one thing every day that scares you."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Emily Armstrong

Account Director

Emily has over a dozen years of PR experience representing tourism and lifestyle brands from coast to coast. She has worked with the Jamaica Tourist board, Tourism Vancouver and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

“If you can’t stop thinking about it-don’t stop working for it.”

Kelly Bart

Account Supervisor

Kelly is a dedicated team player with an exceptionally high attention to detail. Her ability to communicate creates a solid bridge and seamless workflow between all parties: client, creative and production.

“Black is the new black.”

David Zbar


David has been working in digital for over a decade. He is a proven leader with an emphasis on driving measurable results for his clients. Yes the idea is imperative, but it doesn't mean anything without ROI.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Dr. Seuss

Oren Tal

SVP & Partner

Oren has a sunny disposition and a proven ability to remain calm when others would surely panic. He was once trapped in an elevator for 1.5 hours and was completely undisturbed.

“The devil is in the details.”

Paul Chater


Over 30 years of experience has allowed Paul to have his hand in every aspect of PR in North America and Europe. His diplomatic nature allows him to see a project from every perspective.

"The power in each of us, comes from the power in all of us.”

Jim Kabrajee


Jim has been developing strategy for some of the biggest casinos and lotteries in North America for over 20 years. He says running an agency is even harder than flying an airplane. Lucky for us, Jim has proven himself more than capable of both.

"Always have something to do-always have someone to love-always have something to look forward to."