5 Stats You MUST Know to Conquer Social Media Customer Service

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Social Media

We have a profound secret to tell you, and you don’t want your boss to catch on…

Put down the coffee, hang up the phone and close your office door.

If you’re not using Social Media as a means of driving customer satisfaction, you’re doing it wrong…

That may come off a bit harsh, but its true – according to J.D. Power & Associates, 67% of consumers use a company’s Social Media channels for servicing vs 33% social marketing.

While most brands see social media success as ramming as much content down audiences’ throats as possible and praying for likes – consumers’ expectations from brands has changed entirely and you need to evolve with it.

Do you want to be like most brands, or do you want to get ahead?

To illustrate this point, we’ve put together 5 stats that you can use to get the most out of your Social Media strategy.

1. 50% of all US Consumers Use Social Media to Ask Questions, Complain or Report Satisfaction

Social Media Customer Service 

Social Media has given brands the ability to humanize themselves in the eyes of the consumer – so if you work hard to create engaging social presence, why be surprised if consumers use those channels to communicate with you directly? According to Nielsen, 50% of consumers use Social Media for this very purpose and prefer social care vs calling your 1-800 number with horrible hold music.

No one needs to listen to horrible hold music. No one.

The lesson here is that you need to leverage your hard-earned social presence to build meaningful and satisfying relationships with your customers.

2. 72% of Consumers Expect a Response within 1 Hour of Asking a Question on Social Media 

responding, clock, ticking clock

Think the Oxford dictionary definition of F-I-A-S-C-O holds true with Social Media? It’s doesn’t. In Social a Small Error + retail brands social media response rateSlow Response Time = Colossal PR Disaster.

Your customers aren’t needy – they’re simply asking questions about your offerings. Why leave them hanging? These numbers are intensified especially when a customer is leaving a complaint, according to Lithium Technologies 72% consumers expect a response to their complaint within 1 hour.

Curious to see how retail brands stack up to these expectations?

According to Brand Watch, they don’t and fail by a long shot.

The good news is that you have ample opportunity to do much better than your competitors, the bad news is that they’ll catch on soon.

Stop wasting time and start actually getting social on Social Media – strange concept isn’t it…

3. 74% of Consumers Believe that if They Take to Social Media, It Leads to Better Customer Service

customer service

Brand Watch research indicates that 60% of consumers take unpleasant actions against a brand on Social to express their dissatisfaction – but a whopping 74% think that by doing so actually leads to their complaint being resolved. Answering consumer questions or negative comments can seem daunting, especially if you’re new to the Social Media realm – but by not responding at all you’re actually doing much more damage to your brand.

4. 71% of Consumers Who Receive Good Social Customer Service Are Likely to Recommend it to Others 

word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful form of marketing – full stop.There’s no better way of promoting your brand then directly through those whom buy from you directly – give them a good experience and see your sales increase. Think about it. The last time you had a problem with your phone, computer or anything, took it to get repaired – did you either rant or rave about the customer service you received? Chances are if your issue was solved quickly and effectively, you probably told friends and family about it. Your customers do the same on a way larger scale. Social Media Today indicates that 71% of consumers who have a positive service experience via social media are likely to recommend the brand to others.

5. 73% of Top Performing Brand Said Customer Service was One of the main Reasons to Engage in Social Media


Brands have adapted to meet the demands of social customer service. According to Social Media Today, 73% of top performing brands have already caught on. What are you waiting for? Social Bakers takes it one step further with graph indicating the Top Socially Devoted Global Brands…

top 10 socially devoted global brands

What have we learned?

Social media changed the game of how brands interact with their customers.  Your social media presence is of the utmost importance because customers will go there to engage with you first before calling you for support – be there for them and you will see brand advocacy skyrocket. You can even turn your biggest naysayers into your biggest fans with just one tweet. Simply respond respectfully and promptly – offering a helpful tip, answering their questions or providing customer service support.

Unsure of what to do when you get a negative comment or question? This infographic from the Altmeter Group will help!

social media triage

Not sure how to get started with your Social Customer Service Strategy?

Marshall Fenn to the rescue. We can help you craft appropriate Social Media responses to any situation. Give us a call and we’d love the opportunity to learn more about your brand and Social objectives.